Cuba Exports First Bioproduct Fitomas

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Havana, July 22 (Prensa Latina) The Cuban Research Institute of Sugarcane Derivatives (Icidca) this year has exported to the Dominican Republic 14,000 liters of Phytomas, a bioproduct developed by this center, Business Director Barbara Rodriguez said Monday.

Rodriguez told Prensa Latina that this derivative, made by Icidca, which belongs to the Azcuba sugar group, is manufactured in two plants, one located in the same institution and the other in the Ciro Redondo plant, in the province of Ciego de Avila, some 450 kilometers east of Havana.

Both facilities can jointly produce some five million liters of Phytomas, which is produced in two variants, Fitomas-M (ripener) and Fitomas-E (biostimulant), which favor the processes of maturation, germination, growth and development of sugar cane or other crops.

Foreign sales of derivatives are made by Azcuba through its trading company Tecnoazucar, which this year has exported to Canada excellent Vigia rum, also developed and produced by Icidca.

Previously, the latter center made sales of this drink to nations in Europe, said its Business Director.

In addition to sugar, Cuba exports alcohols, rum and other beverages from this agro-industry, which has great potential in this sense, as it also provides honey, energy, animal feed, wax, pharmaceuticals, sorbitol, resins and other products.

Recently, the Executive Director of the International Sugar Organization, Jose Orive, said in Havana that there is no future for putting all eggs in a single basket, that is, the exclusive manufacture of that product.

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