Cuba commemorates founding of the Red Army

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The 102nd anniversary of the founding of the Red Army, ‘Day of the Defenders of the Homeland’, was commemorated today in the Mausoleum of the Soviet Internationalist Soldier outside Havana.

The political and military ceremony was chaired by Army Corps General Álvaro López Miera, first deputy minister and chief of the General Staff of the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR).

There were also high-ranking representatives from the embassies of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan, members of the accredited military diplomatic corps on the island and officials from Cuban institutions.

Rear Admiral Carlos Duque, head of Directorate in the Ministry of the Revolutionary Armed Forces, recalled that there was not a single victory in the early years of the October Socialist Revolution that was not linked to the nascent Red Army.

He said that the historic legacy and combative experiences of the Soviet army also reached the island, multiplying the rebellion of the Cubans in defense of the homeland and the independence of the nation.

He stressed that today collaboration between the armed forces of Cuba and Russia has strengthened. For his part, Colonel Dmitry Gavrilchik, military attaché of Belarus, spoke over how lately there have been attempts to misrepresent major aspects about the role of the Soviet army in the history of the war from 1941 to 1945 against the Nazi forces.

He stressed that this year will be the 75th anniversary of the triumph over fascism anNazi d nothing and no one can undermine the value and role of the heroic Red Army in the great victory over fascist Germany.

(Taken from Prensa Latina)

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