Cuba bids farewell to the Pan American Games in fifth place

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Lima, Peru. – The Cuban representation won 2 gold medals this Sunday, and Cuba finished in fifth place in the Pan American Games in Lima, thanks to 33 gold medals, 27 subtitles and 38 bronze prizes.

From the two disciplines with Cuban presence, only Judo could offer happiness in the closing day with the expected title of the charismatic Idalys Ortiz, while Andy Granda also climbed to the top of the podium.

The other active judokas were Kaliema Antormarchi, silver in the 78 kilogram division, while Liester Cardona paid the hazing and retired without medals in the 100 kilogram category.

And in Karate, Cirelys Martinez was in Triple Tie leading her group, but the classification system left her out of the medal fights, while Maikel Noriega placed third in his qualifying key.
The letters before the figures

Cuba’s fifth place in these Games marks the retreat of another place, with 3 gold medals less than in the Toronto edition.

But the sensations generated are different, and they should feel this way beyond the general debt, because although some sports marked setbacks, others enhanced their performance.

And while there are several reasons why the broad Cuban sports movement is not as good as it used to be, it’s imperative that nations with more people outnumber it if they invest a lot of money in athletic development.

These are some of the challenges: to look for new technical-tactical and scientific mechanisms, to rescue others, as well as the recruitment and basic training, to gain more resources for sports, to improve competitive preparation agendas in high performance, to stop the emigration of coaches and to decrease that of athletes, although some sports have annulled this phenomenon.
Numbers at stake

Now the environment is more competitive; behind the United States, Brazil grew to second place with 55 titles, and Mexico reached 37.

Canada scored 35, less than half the number at Toronto; Cuba’s 33 was followed by Argentina with 32, Colombia with 28, and Chile, Peru, the Dominican Republic and Ecuador, who didn’t reach 10 gold before, are now better or equal.

It’s a good time to criticize and keep it; so let’s be faithful to another truth: Cuba didn’t participate in 152 tests, the vast majority of them because they don’t exist in the country.

Nevertheless, a measurement of real strength, reviewing the medal of active sports for Cuba, or in which it did not qualify, shows a similar situation behind the United States, Brazil and Mexico, and equaled with Canada by those 33 gold medals.
Those above

Most Cubans already know about the frustrations of these Pan American Games, although for the sports lover, there are almost always moments of enjoyment.

So let’s recognize those disciplines that filled many people with pleasure, overcoming the forecasts based on the amount of gold; Shooting with the protagonism of Laina Pérez, Jorge Grau and Jorge Félix Álvarez, and the powerful boxing squad.

Athletics also did it with the revelations of Adriana Rodriguez and Luis Enrique Zayas, Judo that surpassed its goal thanks to Andy Granda, and the Fencing that recovered shine, guided by the team of swordsmen Yunior Reytor, Reynier Henrique and Luis Patterson.

In addition, they celebrated the Modern Pentathlon, the Volleyball with spectacular access to the final, the women of Cycling, the accomplices of the Canoeing and Rowing, and Wrestling that mistaken forecast but showed elite.

(Taken from Radio Reloj in Spanish)

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