Cuba assesses Task Life’s program to counter climate change

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Havana, Cuba.- Cuba’s First Vice Minister Ines Maria Chapman visited the Agency of Environment in this capital, where she assessed the implementation of State’s plan Task Life to counter climate change.

The leader posted on Twitter that she held talks with directors of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (CITMA) on the perfecting of the institution and the follow-up of projects and investments.

According to local press, Chapman was updated on the mission, functions and structure of the system of institutions of the Agency of Nuclear Energy and Advanced Technologies.

Among the goals of the institution are human health, the environment, climate change, agriculture, food safety, industry, energy and the early warning radiological and seismological systems.

CITMA’s representatives stressed the importance of counting on the agency with a national system of institutions that support the taking of decisions based on scientific information and knowledge management.

The meeting held this Monday was attended by officials as Elba Rosa Perez, head of CITMA, and the First Vice Minister Jose Fidel Santana.

(Taken from Radio Reloj)

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