Cuba adopts decisions to increase supplies to the people

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Havana, Cuba. – Due to Cuba’s financial limitations and the aggravation of the U.S. blockade, several measures have been taken in the search for solutions for the supply of food, a topic that was referred to in the Round Table by the Minister of Domestic Trade, Betsy Díaz.

She explained that the Cuban policy is not to continue adding products to the standard family basket, but to have a market of supply and demand, but, she pointed out, the current conditions oblige to decide new regulations to achieve a fair distribution.

The head of Domestic Trade said that currently the cooking oil is guaranteed from national production and import, while recognized the violation of consumer rights as a dissatisfaction of the agency.

At the Round Table, Betsy Diaz insisted that one of the country’s priorities is to address the shortage.
Finding solutions

Speaking at the Round Table of Cuban Television, Francisco Silva, director of Merchandise Sales at the Ministry of Domestic Commerce, explained the difference between regulated and controlled sales, the latter being the one carried out in the network of warehouses and butcher’s shops at a non-subsidized price.

He highlighted that every month 400 tons of sausages are commercialized in a non-regulated way, and that it has been decided, for a greater scope of the product, to offer it also in a controlled way in the butcher’s shops, for which 1,300 tons per month will be destined.

Francisco Silva clarified that the sale of toiletries will continue in industrial goods markets, now regulated.

The director of Merchandise Sales stressed that for sale to freelance workers new stores have been chosen that will open in each province from this month on.

(Taken from Radio Reloj in Spanish)


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