Contramaestre remembers Fidel’s victory in Maffo Battle

Contramaestre, Dec. 30.- The people of Contramaestre and Maffo gather to celebrate the 61st anniversary of Fidel Castro’s victory in the Battle of Maffo, which was fought for 20 days in the former BANFAIC (December 10-30,1958).

Since the early hours of the morning, Maffo’s inhabitants and combatants of the Cuban Revolution have been gathering.

The event begins with an account of the events of that long battle, which cost many lives, especially those of the civilian population, due to the indiscriminate bombing by Fulgencio Batista’s tyranny.

Radio Grito de Baire

Webmaster Jorge Luis Lora Moran Digital Edition Radio Grito de Baire, Contramaestre, Cuba.

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