Contramaestre Companies in Expocaribe 2019

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Two companies of the agriculture of the municipality of Contramaestre, participate in the 16th edition of the 2019 Expocaribe International Fair that from 19 to 22 June takes place in the city of Santiago de Cuba.

The agro-industrial company América Libre and the coffee processor Rolando Ayud will participate. Both are exhibiting different products with an eye on exports to various countries in the region attending this Caribbean trade event.

The coffee company is showing more than 10 products that have to do with washed extra Turquino coffee and washed Turquino, Altura, Caracolillo, Montaña and Cumbre.

Agribusiness America Libre exhibits charcoal, canned sweets, jams, nectars, fruit jellies, tropical and exotic fruits, such as the mamey colorado, medlar and passion fruit. The exhibited vegetables include pepper, cucumber and tomato harvested under protection roofs.

During four days the companies of Contramaestre will be able to present the portfolio of supply and demand in the Fair Expocaribe 2019 in Santiago de Cuba. This year, it will promote foreign investment from the five eastern provinces, encourage exportable funds and substitute imports.

The portfolio of opportunities includes products and services, new technologies and equipment that will enable the identification of interests among Caribbean countries.

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