Cinema art hugs Havana

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Each New Cinema Festival is presented as an essential event for lovers of good cinema and culture in general, and the 41st invitation in December brings everything you need not to miss it.

Reviewing the films in competition, the international exhibitions, theoretical meetings, tributes to filmmakers and a long list of collateral events, it is realized that once again the war against time will be a constant in these ten days -from the 5th to the 15th-, when a loving public will become a selective hunter of what should not slip through their hands.

A spectator who despises the opinions of critics and specialists, but who is implacable when it comes to issuing his own, hence it is not uncommon to see him exchanging judgments and sentences minutes before the start of the show, or when leaving the cinemas.

Dedicated this 41st Festival to the centenary of Santiago Álvarez, the Argentine film La odisea de los giles, by Sebastián Borensztein, was presented at the inaugural gala, which took place at the Karl Marx theater on the 5th, at 6:00 p.m., with the participation of the Cuban National Ballet, in a tribute to Alicia Alonso. Borensztein’s film is set in Argentina in 2001; it is a tragicomedy of strong social content, applauded internationally and with great public success in his country.

In total there will be 167 works participating in the different specialties of the contest, the product of a long selection process, since the 41st New Cinema Festival wanted to be characterized by a sign of quality that allows spectators to come into contact with the best of our continent and the international sphere.

In the section of feature films in competition (one of the most followed) there are 21 films, with Argentina again at the head, presenting five titles, if co-productions are counted. Our country will participate with Buscando a Casal (“Looking for Casal”), by Jorge Luis Sánchez, a historical drama focused on the figure of the poet Julián del Casal. There is no lack of quality titles in the contest, but there is one that should not be missed, Araña, by Chilean Andrés Wood.

And if you’re looking for recommendations, look no matter what, at the international show Parásito (“Parasite”), by Korean director Boon Joon-ho, winner of the last Cannes Film Festival, and also Marighella, by Brazilian director Wagner Moura, and Mientras dure la guerra(” During the War (Spain), by Alejandro Amenábar. Without forgetting one that concerns us and will allow us to give a judgment after so much has been said about it: Red wasp, by French Olivier Assayas.

There are many more, but it is necessary to see them in the midst of the infallible analyses and polemics, which, it is already known that the Festival itself is an embrace of art, enjoyment and intelligence for those who give themselves to it.


21 feature-length fiction films
19 short and medium-length films
18 premium operas
21 documentaries (feature films)
10 documentaries (short and medium-length films)
23 animated
25 unpublished scripts
30 posters

(Taken from Granma in Spanish)




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