Chinese company delivers donation to Cuba to support fighting Covid-19

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Beijing, Sep 15 (RHC) China’s Jiangxi Institute of Biological Products has donated medical supplies to help Cuba strengthen its capacity to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic, diplomatic sources said.

According to the consulate of the Caribbean country in Guangzhou, during the ceremony the historical ties that unite both countries and the value of solidarity in moments like the current health crisis were highlighted.

The diplomatic legation presented Jiangxi Institute of Biological Products with a letter of thanks for the donation, which is also the result of the actions of former scholar Li Hongying (Dina).

The young woman studied medicine in Cuba and specified that the contribution consists on a PCR test machine and eight thousand 16 kits to diagnose the disease.

She commented on the company’s interest -settled in the southern city of Shenzhen- in concretizing future cooperation projects with the largest of the Antilles.

She also expressed her love for the Caribbean territory and her gratitude for the training she received there, which motivated her to participate in a charity campaign to raise funds and send her health supplies.

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