British Newspaper Calls for Nobel Prize for Cuban Doctors

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London, 30 Apr (RHC) The British newspaper Morning Star echoed the recommendation made by a French organization to award the Nobel Peace Prize to the Cuban medical brigades fighting the Covid-19 in dozens of countries.

The article published by the spokesman for the labor movement and trade unions in the United Kingdom refers to the request made by Cuba Linda, which brings together French people in solidarity with the Caribbean nation, and which was published this week by the Prensa Latina correspondent in Paris.

He points out in particular that the medical brigade was created in 2005 by the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, and adopted the name of Henry Reeve, a U.S. soldier who fought alongside the Cubans for the independence of the largest of the Antilles from Spanish rule.

He further explains that the contingent was formed after the U.S. government rejected Cuba’s offer to send 1,586 health professionals to assist the U.S. population affected by Hurricane Katrina.

Despite Washington’s hostility, which has accused Cuban doctors of being exploited and has even compared them to terrorists who spread ideological propaganda, the socialist island continues to send its brigades to different parts of the world, the Morning Star points out.

In this regard, it recalls the aid offered to Pakistan after the 2005 earthquake, and its participation in the fight against the Ebola outbreak in Africa between 2014 and 2015, a gesture that earned it a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize at the Norwegian Trade Union Conference.

Although on that occasion she did not receive the prize awarded every year by the Swedish Academy, the contingent of Cuban doctors was distinguished in 2017 by the World Health Organization with the Public Health Prize in Memory of Dr. Lee Jong-wook, the British newspaper points out.

The new campaign for the Nobel Prize, which the French organization Cuba Linda is promoting through its website Prix Nobel pour les brigades medicales cubaines, is based on the more than 2,000 Cuban health professionals who are now fighting the Covid-19 in 22 countries, including Italy and Andorra.

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