Back in Contramaestre Pan American waterpolo player Thaymí González

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The National Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation (INDER) in the city of Contramaestre together with the local broadcasting Radio Grito de Baire paid the deserved tribute to the Pan American athlete Thaymí Gonzalez Tamayo, who recently returned to her hometown after living the experiences of the Lima 2019.

The emblematic high performance figure forged by the pedagogy of coach Misael Sariol in this locality shared with the radio workers and sports fans.

In a dialogue with Radio Grito de Baire, Thaymi thanked the support after the performance in Lima 2019 and made it clear that the fourth place is a challenge to beat in upcoming events.

I’m aware that everyone was waiting for the bronze medal, we fought until the end but the goal of the tie and victory could not be. That was a very special experience for me; playing against Brazil was spectacular. Life goes on and we’ll come back one day to reverse this result, I assure you. said the national team’s left-back player of water polo.

The Master of Science Albis Garcia Cracht who attends Collaboration and cadre training in the sports entity, gave a bunch of flowers to our sportswoman and member of the Federation of Cuban Women.


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