An unjust terrorist act and against innocent people

It is not pleasant to remember that 44 years ago today the CIA carried out a horrendous crime against the Cuban people, when on October 6, 1976, terrorists, led by Luis Posada Carriles, blew up in mid-flight a Cuban airplane that had just taken off from Barbados airport, with 73 people, including crew and passengers.

U.S. imperialism did not mind making dozens of families mourn and dismaying all the people of Cuba. Guyanese and Koreans also lost their lives in the terrorist act. They only care about the end, completely ignoring the means.

The course of history has shown that all the innocent lives that the government of the United States has taken away with attacks and terrorist acts of all kinds have not had the expected effect. Rather, they have exacerbated the arrogance and contempt for the meddling and interventionist policies of the great empire.

Although Cuba did not have concrete evidence at the time of the incident to officially accuse the United States Government, its participation was demonstrated in documents of the CIA itself, declassified in 2005.

The CIA again used Luis Posada Carriles to organize the attack with an explosive device carried out in Havana hotels in 1997. In one of them, the young Italian Fabio Di Celmo lost his life, and some Cubans suffered injuries as well as psychological trauma. This fact was publicly acknowledged by the U.S. government the following year in an interview published by the U.S. daily The New York Times.
The historical leader of the Cuban revolution was one of the targets of the terrorist acts. In 1971: he organized an assassination attempt on Fidel Castro, taking advantage of his trip to Chile, Peru and Ecuador.

During the Tenth Summit of the Americas, held in Panama in 2000, terrorist Luis Posada Carriles, along with other criminals, also attempted to assassinate Fidel Castro. He was arrested, but four years later then-President Mireya Moscoso pardoned him.

Long is the list of crimes committed by Posada Carriles, who died at the age of ninety in Miami last year. The United States protected him until the last of his days after training him to plant bombs and attempt on the lives of hundreds of Cubans. Posada Carriles was one of his main assets in the dirty war against the Cuban Revolution.

Nothing and no one will change this people’s chosen path, we willingly perfect what we have and transform what is necessary so that the route traced is better and better.

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