Americans express admiration and respect for Fidel

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Santiago de Cuba. – The members of the Fiftieth Venceremos Brigade concluded their visit to Cuba by expressing their admiration and respect for Fidel, during the tribute paid this Tuesday to the leader of the Revolution for the anniversary of his birth at the Santa Ifigenia cemetery in Santiago.

They also laid flowers at the graves of the National Hero, José Martí; the Father of the Nation, Carlos Manuel de Céspedes; and the Mother of all Cubans, Mariana Grajales.

The members of the Brigade from New York agreed that Fidel forever marked the history of Cuba and Latin America, turning the Island into an example of dignity and resistance.

Pamela Segura, a teacher in that state of the Union, acknowledged that ending the Brigade’s trip at that altar in the Cuban homeland meant a lot, while coordinator Malcolm Sacks affirmed that the visit was a success and had a profound impact.

(Taken from Radio Reloj in Spanish)

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