U.S. Expert Assesses U.S.-Cuba Relations

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Havana, Jan 6 (RHC) The American expert Brantly Womack, from the University of Virginia, USA, expressed the opinion that the normalization of relations between his country and Cuba would encourage new interests, more obviously in the tourism industry, which is very much affected on both sides.

He estimated that restarting relations with Cuba is like picking a ripe plum for the government that will be headed by Joe Biden as of January 20.

According to the scholar, included in an assessment of the new executive’s foreign policy published in The Hill newspaper, President Barack Obama’s opening to Cuba was popular, and former national security advisor John Bolton’s anti-Cuba measures hurt both Cuban Americans and residents of the largest island in the West Indies.

“Biden could go beyond reversing Bolton’s actions and return to Obama’s standards by emphasizing a restoration of the relationship of mutual respect,” he emphasized.

Latin America and the US blockade

Womack also noted that the resumption would be welcomed by most of Latin America and the rest of the world, especially when the UN in its last vote condemned the US blockade of the island by 187 votes to three, and the triennial Summit of the Americas, which includes Cuba, will be held in America this year.

But while criteria for improvement are being aired, news.antiwar.com reports that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo insists on placing the island on the list of state sponsors of terrorism, which could hinder Biden’s plans to further normalize with Cuba.

Pompeo hinted at the possibility of redesigning Cuba as a state sponsor of terror and called Havana ‘evil’ in an interview with the Bloomberg agency, published on Tuesday. Obama removed the island from the arbitrary list in 2015.

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