Agronomists Reject US Blockade and Helms Burton Act

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The agronomists of Contramaestre, aware of the efforts made by the Cuban state to promote food production for the people, reject the blockade and the Helms Burton Act.

“The will is multiplied for the agronomists because we know how much it implies to consolidate the Cuban economic model in the face of a genocidal economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the U.S. government on the island that hinders a greater advance in agriculture, explains Guillermo Almenares Garlobo, director of the Tropical Fruit Research Institute.

The advance of the fruit trees in Contramaestre, the main productive pole in eastern Cuba, shows how much effort the qualified technical and engineering force puts into developing this line that will allow this municipality in eastern Cuba to export and substitute imports.

“We have to put all our knowledge on the ground to achieve goals and dreams in terms of fruit production because Contramaestre has magnificent soils and climate,” added Almenares Garlobo, PhD in Agricultural Sciences.

The scientist of the agricultural branch also states that this is the most effective way to reject this hostile policy and the current increased siege against Cuba, with the implementation of Titles II and III of the Helms Burton Act.


Radio Grito de Baire

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