Acknowledged Cuban film industry at cinema festival

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María Paula Lorgia, Programming Advisor at the Cinemateca de Bogotá, today praised the role of the Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Art and Industry (ICAIC) in the development of the seventh Latin American art, Prensa Latina reported today.

Lorgia declared that the ICAIC (founded on March 24, 1959) is an institution that has been fundamental in the development of Latin American cinema.

The quality of its films is notorious, they have been recognized internationally, they have a worldwide relevance, meant Lorgia in the context of the special cycle of cinema 60 Years of the ICAIC, event inaugurated the day before in this capital by the ambassador to the island, José Luis Ponce.

The specialist stressed that the filmography of these 60 years is very diverse. There are daily stories, about politics, there are also very critical stories, it’s worth drawing attention to that, he added.

Cuban cinema, although represented by a small selection, shows very well everything that the ICAIC does, and what the foundation of the Institute has meant in all these years, in following its example for the creation of other similar ones in Latin America.

In the sample, that will be presented until October 9, the public will be able to enjoy recently restored films, classic titles such as Memories of Underdevelopment, Survivors, A Cuban Fight against Demons, Portrait of Teresa, Lucia, house swapping, Strawberry and Chocolate and Last Days in Havana.

It is very important for a Cinemateca to celebrate the development of institutions such as ICAIC, which have encouraged and promoted the continent’s audiovisual production. Through this selection we can see not only the development of the institution, but also the richness of Cuban cinema,’ said Paula Villegas, director of the Bogota institution.

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