A disabled lady rejects Helms-Burton Act and US blockade

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Migdalia Tamayo Lemes, despite her visual disability, serves as a grassroots leader of the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC) Ana Betancourt of the Frank País District. She is also at the forefront of the National Association of the Blind Association in Contramaestre. With her overflowing enthusiasm, energy and optimism she manages to infect those around her.

No work of the Cuban Revolution is alien to her; she simply feels that the Revolution is everything to her. She has much to be thankful for. She does not understand the harm done to the Cuban people by those who do not admit that Cuba chooses its own path. After they, the Americans, took advantage of and enjoyed the right to be free and to create their own nation with their own path.

For that reason and for much more Tamayo Lemes does not understand Helms-Burton Act:

“With all my affiliated women, we support the (Cuban) Revolution. And we say to the Helms-Burton Act that we don’t understand each other, because no one is going to take what we have away from us . We have a Revolution guided by Raúl Castro and our president Diaz-Canel, and each one of us is a Vilma Espín. We defend the Revolution; we are aware of this and we say no to this blockade (imposed by the United States on Cuba), because this Revolution gives us everything: tranquility, joy, well-being. Here we can walk along the streets with our families at midnight, with all the security, because this Revolution gives us that benefit, citizen tranquility. And we say that we don’t understand each other, that we are going to defend what is ours with our teeth, with our hands. We say that this Revolution is not going to be taken away from us by anyone.”

The Contramaestrian disabled reject the activation of Title III of the Helms-Burton Act, and and they say they will defend the Revolution with their hands, with their teeth, because it has given them everything.

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