Young artists of Contramaestre make their annual balance sheet

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Young artists, members of the  Hermanos Saíz Association (AHS) in Contramaestre developed their annual Balance Sheet with the presence of local authorities, UJC and AHS authorities at the provincial and local level, using a conversational style to discuss the topics involved.

The artistic work of its 16 members in 2020 in the manifestations of music, literature, theater and visual arts was the first point of the meeting, reflected in the annual report, a work lacerated by the presence of the Covid-19, which caused the realization of a minimum of activities without massive calls.

Young artists’  debate

The artists’ debate focused on the concerns, needs and possible solutions of the organization for a work with greater scope and quality. In the demands: the need of a stereo and a computer for the house of the young creator that would allow to archive the historical memory of the AHS and to achieve a stability in the clubs and to increase the proposals of the programming.

The deficiencies with the promotion of young art that emanates from the organization, the link of the association and the culture sector, with the government and the municipal party in order to promote and watch over the culture, were other topics dealt with.

Other evaluation criteria and the closing of the Balance Sheet Assembly stated that the AHS cell of Contramaestre is focused on what it needs to work, it reflected on how vital it is in these complex times, dialogue as an alternative to find solutions and the request for trust in the provincial leadership of the organization that will channel the requests and concerns of this base cell.



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