Samay Rachel, creative ingenious in times of Covid-19

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Samay Rachel Acosta Montero, a girl from the municipality of Contramaestre, perhaps never imagined that at only 12 years old, her life would be marked by unsuspected talents that occupy not only her studies, but also her free time with her family.

And it is precisely this infant resident of the district of Maffo, who through her hands and imagination has sought new ways to explore and awaken her skills in terms of artistic creativity.

When Samay Rachel could barely hold a pencil or a crayon in her fingers, her inclination for drawing was a fact, allowing her to sketch on sheets of paper certain visual projects to characterize the essential features and elements of her future work.

But the little girl, who studies at the “Pepito Tey” Secondary School of the territory, not only limited herself to capture graphic ideas to demonstrate her creative talents, because her interest in handicrafts is another passion that shows intelligence and skill for certain activities, inherited from generation to generation.

Samay Rachel and her response to Covid-19

Anxiety, boredom and stress are psychological disorders typical of Covid-19 that affect the child universe protected at home. However, for Samay Rachel these possible reactions do not constitute obstacles. Why?

Faced with the pandemic in its early stages, the girl from Contramaestre, turned the epidemiological challenge into good practices aimed at human health protection.

With the help of her mother, an experienced teacher in English language and with sewing knowledge, the cuttings of fabric, scissors, thread and sewing machine appeared so that her daughter could provide the first nasobucos destined to protect her neighbors, and particularly, the life of her brother, a medicine student and in medical research at that time.

The resurgence of the new coronavirus at present and consequently the paralysis of the teaching-educational process, facilitates Samay Rachel to perfect in its maximum expression the attraction for the drawing, when creating her own dolls of paper and cardboard, baptized as “Cuquitas” and also making incursions in her own designs full of colors, representative of a cultural and social context, identitary of the tropical region.

The associative and conceptual ideas offered by the art of handicrafts has also allowed her to illustrate the usefulness of work as one of the best virtues, by making with cardboard cutouts and other materials an intensive reference garden of the District of Maffo, where food production adjusted to urban agriculture is making its way.

Building her future on diverse knowledge is Samay Rachel Acosta Montero, whom life endowed with a natural and promising intelligence, providing valuable creative works that come from her hands and her imagination.

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