Radio workers in Contramaestre evaluate their 2020 performance

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Radio Grito de Baire workers, local radio station of the Contramaestre municipality, developed their annual balance assembly 2020 to evaluate their performance in all areas of their artistic and journalistic work, with the presence of Yoel Macías, radio director in the province of Santiago de Cuba.

Angel del Toro Fonseca, director of Radio Grito de Baire, presented the report on the work carried out during the period under evaluation, in which he highlighted the extraordinary conditions in which the broadcasts took place, by changing the usual programming for an emerging one as of March, when Covid-19 appeared and spread throughout Cuba.

Radio Grito de Baire and telework

The report includes and highlights the teleworking, implemented to avoid the back-and-forth of journalists and other workers, and to reduce the possibilities of contagion with the virus. Everything resulted in high quality programming despite doing the work live from cell phones.

The best life stories came from simple people who were by our side and we never thought they had anything interesting to tell and share with the listeners. Factual news was published, in other times, unnoticed by the media; however, it proved to be high impact for the population.

On the other hand, Del Toro pointed out that Radio Grito Baire will continue to defend the Cuban Revolution with the daily portrayal of the working people who struggle tenaciously to help our country improve its economy and the quality of life for all.

A special moment was the ceremony to recognize the workers who stood out for their abnegation and dedication to their work to deliver the best program, the most complete information to the audience, and Internet users of Radio Grito de Baire.

Yoel Macias congratulated the collective of this local radio station for the quality with which it developed its balance assembly and exhorted all those who have the technical means to work in defense of the revolution in cyberspace, since social networks are now our battleground, he said.



Radio Grito de Baire

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