Poet from Contramaestre awarded with Memoria Viva Prize

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The poet from Contramaestre municipality, Virgilio Estrada Estrada, was awarded with “Memoria Viva” Prize, along with other 15 personalities distinguished by the Cuban Institute of Cultural Research “Juan Marinelo“.

Estrada Estrada is a regular collaborator with the Directorate of Culture in Contramaestre and the Sunday radio program “Ecos de un laud” of Grito de Baire Broadcasting Station. He  was recognized for faithfully defending the cultural traditions of peasant origins, as well as for his natural culture of the written decima and declamation for almost five decades, and for contributing to the formation of new generations and the safeguarding of the most autonomous intangible heritage of this municipality in   Santiago de Cuba province.

The Memoria Viva Award is conferred annually by the Juan Marinello Cuban Institute of Cultural Research in recognition of institutions, projects, artistic groups, personalities and research that contribute to the preservation of Cuban culture in its different forms.

Who can get Memoria Viva Prize?

It is awarded to an outstanding work of preservation, rescue or revitalization, artistic projection and personalities linked to the expressions or genres of traditional popular culture, whether of a spiritual or material nature.

This award is granted to personalities who cultivate various traditional cultural expressions, who have maintained an outstanding and systematic work in their community and who transcend to the national and international level.

All persons and institutions located in the national territory are eligible to participate. In all cases, the prizes will be awarded exclusively to individuals or non-professional artistic groups.




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