José Martí Brigade supports the Cuban Revolution

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Contramaestre, Dec 8.- Saving the Cuban Revolution through culture as a first-order task is an imperative for the community of art instructors of the José Martí Brigade (BJM) in Contramaestre. This affirmation came from their own words during the Expanded Council in which the young artists and fans of the territory looked inside their work in the year 2020.

In a scenario marked by the incidence of the Covid-19 pandemic, that army of culture and ideas turned to other tasks, and as soon as the epidemiological situation, which allowed to continue feeding the spirituality of the schoolchildren and also of the people showing off their knowledge and artistic gifts.

The José Martí Brigade in the face of media manipulation

In the face of a fourth generation war context, where media manipulation and opportunism by some to denigrate the (Cuban) Revolution abound, artists and fans of Contramaestre back up their unrestricted support for the Cuban socio-political project headed by Fidel Castro, the founding father of a humanist and cultural program such as the José Martí Brigade.

The more than 70 members of the BJM in Contramaestre say goodbye to 2020 with the pride of having been among those who fought for life from the front where they were needed and with the enormous challenge of continuing to bring good revolutionary art to schools and communities.


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