Cuban artists to perform a Mozart opera in the US

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Havana, January 16 (RGB) –Cuban musicians will perform a version of Mozart’s opera ‘The Clemency of Titus’ at the Kennedy Center’s Eisenhower Theater in the US. According to a Havana Mozart Lyceum announcement, the performances are scheduled for February 13-15, in the US capital, directed by maestro Ulises Hernandez.

‘The Clemency of Titus’ was premiered in Havana in October at the opening of the 5th Havana Mozart Festival. On January 1, 2020, Havana’s Grand Theater Alicia Alonso registered it on its Book of Honor, thus highlighting the premiere on the island of a significant piece for world culture as a national cultural development. The piece is one of the last operas premiered by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart at Prague’s National Theater in 1791when he was still alive.

Conceived for orchestra, chorus, solo singers and dancers, the work is a version of the opera composed by the famous Austrian pianist, and was adapted for its current production by Cuban playwright and poet Norge Espinosa.

(With information from Prensa Latina)

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