Happy Librarians’ Day in Cuba

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Today, June 7, Librarians’ Day is celebrated in Cuba, to recognize the meritorious work carried out by these professionals in the educational process of the new generations in teaching, documentation and information centers, and public or specialized libraries.

This day was established by the Cuban Government through Decree No. 86 of 1981 in commemoration of the birth of Antonio Bachiller y Morales, father of bibliotecology in Cuba; he was born in Havana on June 7, 1812.

This celebration honors not only writers and publishers, but also librarians from all over the country, for their contribution to the promotion of reading, knowledge and research, as a support to the educational work; and for the wise conduction and enrichment of bibliotecology.

The Cuban Association of Librarians (ASCUBI), created the Commemorative Seal ¨Antonio Bachiller y Mortales¨, to recognize the outstanding work of professionals and institutions given the complexity and importance of their daily work.

The librarian has ceased to be simply the keeper of collections of books and documentation to become an intermediary between users seeking to satisfy information needs and the collections entrusted to them.

Library professionals or literary treasurers include in their work tasks such as the acquisition of new materials with their respective cataloging and classification, the establishment of standards for the operation of information centers, and the conduct of reference interviews, among others.

Hence, there are reasons enough for June 7 to be designated to pay special tribute to librarians from all over Cuba as well as to remember the eminent intellectual Antonio Bachiller y Morales.


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