Contramaestre revealed treasures of books and literature

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The city of Contramaestre revealed new treasures of the world of books and literature, when it developed Friday, May 24, the extension of the 28th Provincial Book Fair 2019, in the emblematic spaces of Tesoro de Papel in Jesús Rabí Central Park and during the round table ” About digital literature”, held at the Daniel Readigos Pérez Bookstore.

In the course of the new appointment of the literature in Contramaestre, titles of the production for children and young people were presented, remaining the promise to manage for subsequent months, the sale of diverse modalities of dictionaries so requested by the population.

The round table, which dealt with details of editorial management in the digital environments of the INTERNET era, was attended by young professionals, artists and intellectuals representing the Hermanos Saiz Association (AHS), the Municipal University Centre, and Ediciones Santiago, with valuable experience in the presentation of different texts in spaces of renowned Cuban literature.

It was made clear that in these times, there is a stimulating challenge to work to socialize the contents of books and literature in a galloping global trend, which proposes the advantages of INTERNET platforms to reach communication and knowledge to the great masses of readers and Internet users in Cuba and the world.

The debates led by Alfredo Ballesteros Alfonso, were enriched by the presence and comments on the results of two prestigious writers of the AHS en Contramaestre who lectured at the national edition of the Havana International Book Fair 2019 (FIL): Onel Pérez Izaguirre, author of the book Fosa Común (“Common Pit”) and winner of the Spring Poetry Award 2017 and Dianet Espinosa Barbán, author of the text Las herrumbres dormidas (“Sleeping Rust”).

The International Book Fair 2019 had Algeria as its guest of honor and paid a well-deserved tribute to the writer, philologist and journalist Eduardo Heras León, winner of the National Literature and Publishing Prize.

The 29th edition of the year 2020 will be dedicated to the recently disappeared intellectual and doctor of Philological Sciences Ana Cairo Ballester, National Prize of Social Sciences, to the outstanding playwright Eugenio Hernández Espinosa and to the Plurinational State of Bolivia.

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