Sound technician in Radio Grito de Baire

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Seven sound technicians of the community broadcasting station Radio Grito de Baire of Contramaestre are celebrating today their special day. They are the ones in charge of the daily audio image transmitted by this radio plant in the south-eastern part of Cuba.

These technicians who throughout these 30 years of transmission have achieved with their work an identity. They are professionals who have been recognized not only by their listeners but also in the dissimilar contests and events developed every year both in the Santiago radio system and at national level.

Sound to delight

These artists of audio are the ones who turn sound into an essential element in communication, which listeners enjoy.

Those artists have known how to transmit to new generations the secrets and knowledge of an essential discipline in radio production, which has improved the quality of the programming of the Grito de Baire broadcasting station and the Cuban radio.



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