Trump in the U.S. with advertising and financial problems

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Washington, Sep 16 (Prensa Latina) Donald Trump’s U.S. presidential campaign faces advertising and financial problems, the website reported today.

Trump lost his lead in television advertising and opposition candidate Joseph Biden’s Democrats dominate in many swing states, although there are still seven weeks left in the campaign, enough time for the president to recover, the publication said. According to data from the Kantar/Campaign Media Analysis Group, from the beginning of May to July 28, 2020, the Republicans spent some $80.1 million to broadcast 161,744 advertisements on local broadcasts, the national network and national cable television for the November general elections.

In contrast, he adds, the Biden campaign and outside Democratic groups spent some $44.2 million and only aired 66,875 ads for the presidential general election during that period.

But from July 29 to September 14, Republican forces aired only 107,816 ads at an estimated cost of $71.5 million, while Democratic forces aired 183,341 at an estimated cost of $107.1 million.

For most of the year, Trump and the Republican National Committee comfortably outperformed Biden and the Democratic National Committee, but that lead evaporated at the end of July, and already in August the Blue’s machine outpaced the President’s from $365 million to $210 million.

The publication indicates that the Republicans cut TV ads in several key states because of financial problems, including Arizona and Pennsylvania, where in the latter, the Democrats outperformed their rivals by 30,882 ads for 15,702 – largely because the Trump campaign aired only two ads in six weeks.

That, says, should be alarming to Republicans, since the 538 model believes Pennsylvania is the most likely state to decide the 2020 election.

Trump is still on the air in other crucial states, such as Florida, North Carolina and Wisconsin – but even in those states, Democrats have issued more ads than Republicans since late July.

Despite its downfall, Trump’s campaign outperforms Biden in other areas, such as field offices (Trump opened over 280, while Biden, due to the coronavirus pandemic, did not open any) and digital advertising (from August 1 to September 5, Trump spent $66.8 million on Facebook and Google ads, while Biden spent $46.2 million.

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