Trump and Biden, the first face-to-face for the U.S. elections

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Washington, Sep 29 (Prensa Latina) U.S. President Donald Trump and his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, will face off today in the first presidential debate for the November 3 elections.

Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, will be the stage where at 9:00 p.m., local time in this capital, and for 90 minutes, both opponents will try to show Americans why they are considered the most qualified person to occupy the main office in the country.

The debate, which will be moderated by Chris Wallace, presenter of the Fox News television network, will follow months of strong verbal attacks between the two rivals, who have not spared themselves in mutual criticism and accusations, as is usually frequent in American politics.

For this first confrontation, six topics were selected for discussion: the records of each of the candidates, the Supreme Court, Covid-19, the economy, race and violence in U.S. cities, and the integrity of the elections.

In a tremendously controversial campaign, the issues to be debated were not without controversy, as more than 35 Democratic senators wrote a letter in which they asked to focus the discussion also on climate change.

At the same time, a number of voices rejected the approach to the fifth issue, criticizing the combined treatment of issues of race and violence.

The sixth issue to be discussed, meanwhile, will be discussed at a time when Trump continues to generate condemnation for his refusal to commit to a peaceful transfer of power if defeated by Biden.

A feature of this debate, which has already been noted by the US media, is that the contenders will not exchange handshakes on stage, due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Peter Eyre, senior advisor to the Commission on Presidential Debates, explained that they will not have that kind of greeting with the moderator either, and that, once on stage, the three men will not wear masks.

The size of the audience will be limited compared to events of this type in previous electoral cycles -less than 100 people-, and all attendees will have to undergo tests to detect the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, the cause of Covid-19, in addition to following other health security protocols, according to CNN.

Strategists and historians cited by USA Today believe that tonight Trump will seek to close his seven percentage point gap in national polls, while Biden will make his case for why he is a better choice for the presidency than the current ruler.

Nick Everhart, a Republican consultant, told the newspaper that the former Democratic vice president will be forced to resist Trump’s onslaughts without losing his cool, while presenting himself as a strong alternative.

He is developing a campaign based on the idea that he is a competent, tempered and equable leader who would handle the challenges of the moment more calmly. By being tough and fighting back, they don’t want to undermine his message that he is a more stable alternative than Trump, he explained.

Biden insists that he is capable of rising to the challenge, despite his opponent’s attempts to discredit him, and at a fundraiser on Sept. 10 he told fans that he knows ‘how to handle bullies.

I hope they don’t lead me into a fight with this guy. It’s going to be difficult, because I predict he’s going to be yelling and trying to interrupt during the debates, he said.

Today’s discussion comes just two days after an explosive report by The New York Times, which noted that Trump paid only $750 in federal income taxes in both 2016 and 2017, and used questionable tactics to reduce his tax bill, among other revelations.

In addition to Tuesday’s showdown, Trump and Biden will again test their mettle at two other similar events: October 15 in Miami, Florida and October 22 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Meanwhile, the candidates for the vice presidency, the current incumbent, Republican Mike Pence, and Democratic Senator Kamala Harris, will hold their own discussion on October 7 in Salt Lake City, Utah.


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