Three hurricanes and a storm are moving across the Atlantic and the Caribbean

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Washington, Sep 16 (Prensa Latina) As the World Meteorological Organization’s predetermined list of events in this region for the current hurricane season draws to a close, four are circulating in this area today: three hurricanes and one tropical storm.

Vicky, the penultimate storm of the named group could weaken in the coming days, while Hurricane Paulette, moving northward across the Atlantic, will become a powerful extratropical cyclone, according to the Hurricane Center.

Hurricane Sally, the seventh, is advancing across the southern United States and moving northeast at four miles per hour, with sustained wind speeds of 75 miles per hour and is expected to continue inland across southeastern Alabama tonight.

While Teddy, now a category 2 hurricane, could increase its intensity in the coming days.

Located at latitude 15.8 north, longitude 49.0 west, its maximum winds are 155 kilometers per hour, with stronger gusts, details the report of the meteorological entity.

Forecast of active, the current Atlantic and Caribbean hurricane season, which extends until November 30th, already registers historical data regarding anticipated formation of events.

Wilfred will close the list of expected names for the storms formed when there are almost two and a half months left to officially end this cycle that began in June.

This will give continuity to an auxiliary list, which will identify the events with names from the Greek alphabet.

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