Russia and Venezuela synchronize cooperation issues

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Moscow, June 25 (Prensa Latina) In the midst of the U.S. economic siege against Venezuela and the harmful effect of the Covid-19 pandemic, Russia and this South American country are today synchronizing cooperation issues in several areas.

The day before, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza, who led his country’s delegation to the Victory Parade, announced his meeting this day with Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov.

The Venezuelan head of diplomacy, who met yesterday with his Russian counterpart Serguei Lavrov, is reviewing the agenda of the High Level Commission between both states.

Commenting on the possibilities of bilateral cooperation, Arreaza said that Venezuela’s natural resources are also open to fair and legal investment from Russia and all the scientific capabilities that this state has developed in recent years, he said.

On September 25, President Vladimir Putin highlighted the strengthening of Russia’s economic cooperation with Venezuela, when he met with the South American country’s leader, Nicolas Maduro, at the Kremlin.

Putin noted that trade grew by 10 percent in the last months of 2019. It’s nice to note that this is largely due to mutual deliveries, including agricultural products, he said at the time.

We think this is very important, given the difficult situation Venezuela is in due to external pressures, the Russian president stressed, referring to the blockade imposed on the South American country by the United States.

We can even consider this part of our interaction as a kind of humanitarian cooperation, because these products are directly related to the well-being of people, to the realization of their direct food needs, he said.

Another key area is the supply of Russian drugs, with 1.5 million doses of flu vaccine delivered and up to 5 million doses could be delivered on an ongoing basis, Putin said, three months before the symptoms of the Covid-19 pandemic appeared.

Russian-Venezuelan cooperation covers the areas of investment, energy, mining, medicine and technical-military cooperation, among others.

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