Contramaestre Government examines vital issues

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The 148 delegates of the Government in Contramaestre attend the 11th. Ordinary Session of its Municipal Assembly, in the Seventeenth Mandate Period, examined Saturday vital issues of the economy and social life of the territory, under the presidency of Dr. Jorge Luis Fraga Novella, maximum representative of this governing body in the mentioned demarcation.

The valuation of the integral improvement of the sports system that is implemented in the rural areas of Contramaestre and the presentation of the study about the strategy applied by the Municipal Company of Commerce and Gastronomy to assure the fulfillment of the plan of mercantile circulation for 2019, took up a good part of the analysis of the delegates of the area through certain speeches.

Managers responsible for all the topics discussed explained to the delegates the details of each of the issues discussed, such as the results of the study on the fulfillment of the Life Task in Contramaestre, occasion that served as fair recognition to the fourth grade child of the Primary School Saturnino Lora Torres in Pueblo Nuevo, Brayan Ramos Matamoros, who presented the creation of a didactic game to stimulate the care for ecology and environment.

In the context of the assembly, the state of accounts payable and receivable, their execution and results by the main companies and entities of the municipality were assessed, as well as the impact of the strategies that have been implemented for the production and commercialization of fruits for social consumption and for the industrial processing that is expected for export.

Fraga Novella, in his condition of maximum leader of the government in Contramaestre requested explanations from directors of the municipal agriculture, who offered information to the plenary about the projects in execution of construction of mini-industries for the conservation of fruits and vegetables, as well as the promotion of banks of postures to extend the sowings of this type of plants that will support in the future, a powerful exporting industry.
The Municipal Assembly of People’s Power received information from its president about the approval of new directors during the first quarter of the year and the appointment of companions who will attend provisionally and as training, management activities in the Communal Services Unit, the Municipal Physical Planning Directorate and two Municipal Government dependencies in charge of Construction and Work Planning.

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