Women in Contramaestre active social agent

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Sonia Mora Silvera has a long career in the municipal management of the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC) in Contramaestre.

She started as an instructor in 1997, and has been working as a prevention technician since 2009. This work allows her to be aware of the problems of women and their families, help solve them, contribute to the formation of values and avoid negative behaviors in society.

The FMC was created to protect women, achieve full equality and fulfil their rights in society, objectives that it has achieved in the almost 60 years since its creation.

Mora Silvera states that FMC plays a fundamental role in Cuban society. It attends to problems in the family, it helps to prevent criminal behavior by providing the families with different methods to educate their children.

On the other hand, she informs that many women with different problems come to the municipal FMC management: they suffer from domestic violence, they do not have circles for their children, among others. The Federation has always sought solutions through the relevant institutions, says the official of the women’s organization in Contramaestre.

This is how the Federation of Cuban Women works, which will reach its 60th anniversary this August 23.

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