History in the neighborhood with Fidel Castro

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“History in the Neighbourhood” is an extremely important cultural action carried out by the people of the 36th constituency of the Maffo-Moscow Popular Council, belonging to the municipality of Contramaestre, with the aim of preserving memory in the neighbourhoods.

Grito de Baire spoke with Maria Antonia Hernandez, Delegate this constituency to know the details of the activity that this occasion was dedicated to the second anniversary of the physical disappearance of Commander in Chief Fidel Castro:

“If we don’t do these things, history dies and for history to be present we have to continue Fidel’s legacy. And in what way do we have to continue? Working, studying, sacrificing ourselves, every day being more faithful to our heroic trajectory, to our conviction never to lie, never to violate ethical principles… The concept of Revolution ( by Fidel) will last forever, and may all those children who have been present with us be reminded that we are getting older every day but this will continue and history is never forgotten. We do conservatories, exhibitions about historical dates and community work. Here we put forward everything we have in the community.

Does the activity take place on a fixed day?

“Every month but we don’t have a fixed day. According to the event, to the historical date, then we take that day.”

Who promotes the activity?

The community work group integrated by all the factors of the community: the Cuban Women Federation, the CDR (Committees for the Defence of the Revolution), the combatants ( Association of the Cuban Revolution Combatants), the Youth (Young Communist League), the pioneers (Union of Primary School Students), all those people who thank us accompany us so that Fidel is not forgotten. We shout “I am Fidel”, “I am Fidel”, because this is the way we are Fidel.

Any message that you may transmit to the other Contramaestre neighborhoods so that they may be inspired by activities like this?

“The message that I want to transmit to all the people is that they should know it (the activity), that they should get acquainted with it, that they should feel it as we do here. This is people’ unity. This is the way we are making revolution, because we are looking for the way of unity in the neighborhood, and some people have not come here because this is beginning, and more and more people are coming every day.

How long have you been a Delegate?

This is the first mandate, I’m new, I haven’t accounted yet. It is my duty to render an account on December 3, 5, 7, 11 and 12.
Are you a Fidelist?

“Fidelist until I die. Note that when I heard the concept of Revolution by Fidel, by the way I heard it today, and the tears came out. And Planché, the cultural promoter of the Cultural Hall, told me: I can tell you’re sad. I said that I would not be sad if I was looking at my commander, who seems to me that he is in front of me.

That’s how people remember Fidel in the Contramaestre neighborhoods.

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