Russia with over 650,000 patients recovered from Covid-19

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Moscow, Aug. 2 (Prensa Latina) Russia today accumulated 650,173 patients recovered from the SARS CoV-2 coronavirus, which caused the Covid-19 pandemic, after discharging 3,649 people in one day, said the capital’s television station.

At the same time, 850,870 positive cases of Covid-19 were reported, 5,427 of them in the last 24 hours, which leaves the daily figure below 6,000 for the 13th consecutive day.

With this, the national recovery rate exceeds 76 percent, said the Russian operational staff to combat Covid-19, quoted by local television.

Of the total number of people infected in 85 regions, 1,565, or 28.8 percent, were asymptomatic.

The number of deaths now stands at 14,128, of which 70 were recorded on the last day, the lowest figure since May 3. The mortality rate remains at 1.66 percent.

Twelve deaths were reported in the capital city, six in Novosibirsk Oblast, five in Sverdlovsk Oblast, and four per capita in the northern city of St. Petersburg, Moscow, and Tula. Another 23 regions reported fewer than three lethal cases each.

In addition, this city registered 761 patients who exceeded the disease, for a total of 179,322, while there were 664 cases in one day, with a cumulative total of 242,128.

There were also 212 patients in the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug, 201 in the Moscow region, 159 in Khabarovsk region, and 156 in Sverdlov.

Despite the high number of cases, the daily national increase was 0.7 percent for the 11th consecutive day and 0.3 percent in this city.

Covid-19 added 199 new cases in Sverdlov, 163 in St. Petersburg, and 157 in the Moscow oblast.

The aforementioned operational staff informed yesterday that it would start work on cinemas and theatres at 50 percent of their capacity, while football stadiums will be able to be filled at 50 percent, instead of 10 as they have been until now. Recreational centers for children will also reopen.

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