Russia to begin mass vaccination against Covid-19 in October

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Moscow, Aug. 1 (Prensa Latina) Russia could begin mass vaccination against the SARS CoV-2 coronavirus, which caused the Covid-19 pandemic, Health Minister Mikhail Murashkin said today.

The Minister also announced that all the clinical trials with volunteers of the prototype vaccine developed by the N.F.Gamalei Institute, in conjunction with the Defense Ministry’s Institute 48, have been completed.

We have started the process of registration of the vaccine, which will be applied, at first, to special groups such as doctors and teachers, while the mass vaccination will begin in October, he explained.

This occurs when the country accumulated 845,443 positive cases of Covid-19, of which 5,462 in the last 24, leaving the daily figure below 6,000 for the 12th consecutive day.

Of the total number of infected people in 83 of 85 regions, 1,356 of them, or 24.8 percent, were asymptomatic, said the Russian operational headquarters to combat Covid-19, as quoted by local television.

Russia released 8,111 patients in one day, bringing the number of cured people to 646,524, for a national recovery rate of more than 76 percent.

The number of deaths now stands at 14,058, of which 161 were recorded on the last day. The death toll has reached 1.66 percent.

Thirteen deaths were reported in the capital, nine in the northern city of St. Petersburg, six in Sverdlovsk province, and five in Vladimir and Rostov. Another 28 regions reported fewer than four lethal cases per capita.

In addition, this city registered 1,413 patients who passed the disease, for a total of 178,561, while there were 690 cases in one day, with a cumulative total of 241,464.

There were also 697 patients in Sverdlov, 439 in Nizhegorod oblast, 278 in Arkhangelsk oblast, and 273 in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug.

Despite the high number of cases, the daily national increase was 0.7% for the 11th consecutive day and 0.3% in this city.

Covid-19 added 202 new cases in Sverdlov, 170 in Khanty-Mansiysk, 161 in St. Petersburg, 159 in Nizhegorod.

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