Different types and diverse impacts of coronaviruses

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Even though a cold can cause not so mild symptoms, it is precisely the symptomatology that is one of the most difficult aspects to treat with the coronaviruses, because they are capable of generating diverse health impacts.

Coronaviruses will continue to amaze researchers. First, because they are large and complex, and second, because they can change relatively easily at the genetic level. They can also recombine within the same cell, and such mutations are probably what led to the emergence of both the sars cause and the new one that triggered the current pandemic.

Researchers in the United Kingdom and Germany reconstructed the early evolutionary pathways of SARS-VOC-2 in humans as the infection spread from China to Europe and North America.

The scientists analyzed the first 160 complete genomes sequenced from human patients and created a map of the original spread of the new coronavirus through its mutations, using a mathematical network algorithm. This technique has been used before in mapping the movements of prehistoric human populations through dna and is the first time it is used to track the routes of infection of a virus.

The research revealed three distinct variants of SARS-COV-2, consisting of groups of closely related lineages, which they named a, b and c.

Type a turned out to be the closest to being discovered in bats and pangolins, but it was not the predominant type in Wuhan. Mutated variants were found in patients from the US and Australia. Type b was the main one in the Chinese city, but it was not found much beyond the region. Type C was the main type in Europe, absent in samples from the Chinese continent, but present in Singapore, Hong Kong and South Korea.

Type A is described by researchers as “the root of the outbreak,” type B is derived from type A through two mutations, and type C is derived from type B.

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