Cuba reports no new cases of Covid-19 in the last 24 hours

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As of yesterday’s close, July 19, 123 patients were in hospitals. Another 135 people are being monitored in primary health care.

For COVID-19, 2,914 samples were studied, none of them positive. The country has accumulated 229,357 samples taken and 2,446 positive (1.1%). Therefore, at yesterday’s close, no positive cases were confirmed for COVID-19 and there is a total of 2,446 in the country.
Of the Cubans diagnosed to date, 2,404 are contacts of confirmed cases: 2,123 (88.3%), with a source of infection abroad 169 (7.03%) and without a precise source of infection 112 (4.66%). Foreigners confirmed in Cuba 42.

Of the 2,446 confirmed patients, 1,234 (50.45 per cent) are men and 1,212 (49.55 per cent) are women. A total of 1,339 asymptomatic cases have been reported, representing 54.7 per cent of those confirmed to date.

Of the 2,446 patients diagnosed with the disease, 38 (1.5%) have been admitted and 100% of them show stable clinical evolution. There were 87 deaths (none on the day), two evacuated and 2,319 recovered patients (95%) (11 discharges on the day).

As of July 19, 185 countries had reported cases of VIDOC-19, with 14,267,093 confirmed cases (+222,224) and 601,934 deaths (+4,786), for a case fatality rate of 4.21 (-0.04).

The Americas region reports 7,593,083 confirmed cases (+125,679), 53.22 of the total number of reported cases worldwide, with 309,632 deaths (+3,077) for a case fatality of 4.07 (-0.02).

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