Cuba reports just one case of Covid-19

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As of yesterday’s close, June 29th, 101 patients were admitted to hospitals for clinical epidemiological surveillance. Another 85 people are being monitored in their homes by the Primary Health Care.

For COVID-19, 2,246 samples were studied, resulting in a positive sample. The country accumulated 170,791 samples taken and 2,341 positive samples (1.4%). Therefore, at yesterday’s close, a new case was confirmed, for an accumulated 2,341 in the country.

The confirmed case is a 17-year-old Cuban citizen, resident in the municipality of Cotorro, province of Havana. Contact of previously confirmed case. Eight contacts are being kept under surveillance.

Of the 2,341 patients diagnosed with the disease, 39 (1.6%) have been admitted, 38 (97.4%) of them with stable clinical evolution. Eighty-six deaths were reported (none on the day), two were evacuated, and 2,214 patients recovered (three discharged yesterday). One patient was reported to be in serious condition.

Patient in serious condition:

Cuban citizen, 69 years old, municipality of Arroyo Naranjo, Havana province. Background: Diabetes Mellitus, Bronchial Asthma, Arterial Hypertension and Depressive Anxiety Syndrome. Days after admission, the patient began to suffer from a lack of air and dry rales, without clinical improvement. Breathing difficulty persists, associated with manifestations of anxiety, not ventilated, and is transferred to the Therapy Unit. It is reported in serious condition.

As of June 29, 185 countries had reported cases of VIDOC-19, with 10,112,754 confirmed cases (+ 160,247) and 501,562 deaths (+ 3,043), with a lethality rate of 4.96% (-0.05).

The Americas region reports 5,136,580 confirmed cases (+ 89,982), 50.79% of the total number of reported cases worldwide, with 246,508 deaths (+ 1,725) and a lethality of 4.80% (-0.05).


Written by Jorge Lora

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