Contramaestre guarantees public health

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Contramaestre, Dic. 16.- The Contramaestre Public Health sector has ensured the welfare of its people in the year 2019, which comes to an end after intense work against unexpected adversities.

In spite of the economic limitations that the country undergoes, the results in the main programs of Contramaestre Health show positive indicators, mainly that of Maternal and Infant Attention (PAMI).

During 2019 and specifically from September on, Contramaestre’s sanitary situation deteriorated due to the high proliferation of the Aedes Aegyipti mosquito.

This caused the territory to be declared a transmission of arbovirosis and finally a dengue epidemic.

Only from the indissoluble unity of the population, with the organized action of the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR) and the implementation of a correct health care policy for the sick and liquidation of epidemic foci, Contramaestre eliminated the epidemic transmission.


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