The individual attitude, determinant against the Covid-19

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Once aware of the threat and danger posed by the new coronavirus or Covid-19, each family takes the measures guided by the country’s government and the authorities of the Ministry of Public Health. Many houses already have their podalic bath in the doorways.

These containers have a soap, detergent or chlorine solution for washing hands after going out or for those who still dare to visit because they have no perception of risk. We must suggest to visitors that it is very risky to leave the house. Sometimes we have an elderly person or people with chronic illnesses, who are very vulnerable to contagion with Covid-19. What if the visitor has the virus on his clothes, on his hands, or is he/she already infected without symptoms?

The authorities still have to insist on the risks of not following the measures aimed at preventing the spread of Covid-19. The isolation, the distance between people, the use of nasobuco, the podalic baths in the homes. There are families who have not yet had the disinfection post at the entrance of their houses, there are still those who are wandering around the streets or parks of the city without a defined objective.

The individual attitude will be decisive to reduce or extend the time that this pandemic lasts, which makes people sick and kills. The efforts made by the Cuban government and health personnel will be useless without every citizen not complying with the guidelines given by all the nation’s media.


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