New challenges for farmers in crop planting

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With new challenges and in very complex conditions, agricultural workers in Contramaestre start planting cold season crops in order to guarantee next year’s food production.

Juan Miguel Pérez García, delegate of agriculture in this territory of the province of Santiago de Cuba said that in September through February 2021, 12,338 hectares of viands, vegetables, grains and fruit trees should be planted.
Contramaestre is the municipality in the province of Santiago de Cuba with the largest extension of land dedicated to food production with 46 hectares.

This sowing campaign of cold season crops will be atypical due to the intensification of the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States on the Island, in addition to the fight against Covid-19. For this reason, producers will have to make use of biological products due to the deficit of chemicals that cannot be imported into the country.

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