Never rushing but never stopping, the formula for success

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A working meeting between members of the Provincial and Municipal Defense Councils yesterday in Contramaestre, served to illustrate once again the practical significance of the concept ” Never rush but never stop “, expressed by Army General Raul Castro Ruz, since years ago.

Chaired by the First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) in the province of Santiago de Cuba, Lázaro Expósito Canto, the territory of Contramaestre was the object of an evaluation of the hygienic epidemiological framework, the actions against the Aedes Aegyipti mosquito, the compliance with the main economic and service plans, the production of food in agriculture, the Mother-Child Program, the construction of housing and investments.

Despite receiving acknowledgement for the perseverance and positive results in the battle against the new coronavirus, other tasks and commitments, that cannot be put off, were criticized in their results, and they were the subject of recommendations to get back on track.

Without rushing to avoid improvisation and botched work, but without stopping to give quicker fulfillment to the people’s dissatisfaction, the tasks of housing construction, basic cells and the eradication of dirt floors in Contramaestre, which are behind schedule, must go ahead.

A matter in which sensitivity and practical action must come first, so as not to leave it in the background, is the attention to single mothers with children or with large families who do not have comfortable housing and in some cases live in precarious conditions.

The leadership of the PCC and Government in the province of Santiago de Cuba, indicated to revert the negative situation that only one basic home has been built which receives materials subsidized by the Cuban state, from a plan of 69 approved for the present year.

Actions were also indicated to avoid excuses and to erase the pyrrhic figure of only about 500 floors of land eliminated to date, from a plan of 2,500 for the present.

Behind this ugly mole that the central government has insisted on erasing from the Cuban reality, through an Integral National Program of Housing Construction, there are people in need of better living conditions.

During the exchange between the structures of the Municipal and Provincial Defense Councils, it was recommended that the government authorities of Contramaestre examine minute by minute and with greater rigor, the negative consequences of the non-payment to the pig and small livestock producers, which are already stretched for about 7 months.

The negative consequence of non-payment is the decrease in the presence of animal protein in local markets and in food processing industries. To date, part of the debts for this concept from the provincial companies, reach 12 million pesos only in the case of pigs.

There must be better integration between the entities and factors of the municipality to involve those who have constructive capacities, food production, service delivery and solutions to housing procedures, so that the tasks that received fair criticism in the orders of construction and food production and marketing, show better results in the coming months.

The capacities of the Cuban state, just as the current world is immobilized by an unprecedented pandemic, are diminished and depend to a great extent on the intelligence and efforts of the territories, to sustain stable levels and quality of life of the people.

Priority in tasks, a high degree of sensitivity to the problems that affect people, a rigorous examination of the causes of non-compliance and of plans, the refusal to accept improvisation and crime, ever wider communication with the people and the workers, and a united march around the most important purposes of Contramaestre, are some of the formulas for sustaining the step that is needed today more than ever.

Never rushing, but never stopping, continues to be the formula for the success of Socialism in Cuba.

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