Contramaestre’s Government combats COVID-19

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The government in Contramaestre municipality, in Santiago de  Cuba province, undertakes actions to confront any manifestation of the COVID-19 in this area, so far free from coronavirus.

Jorge Luis Fraga Novella, President of the Municipal Assembly of the People’s Power, informed the Plenary of the Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba about the process for the conception of the Unique Plan of Confrontation to the new coronavirus and the current variants of action in Contramaestre.

Q: How was the Single Plan for Confronting the COVID-19 in Contramaestre conceived?

A: “The current circumstances led to the confrontation plan being presented to an extraordinary session of the Municipal Assembly for discussion and approval. This had never happened in the history of the People’s Power in Contramaestre, that the Municipal Assembly approved a contingency plan, but due to the magnitude of the damage caused by this virus in the world, it was decided by the direction of the Cuban state that it should be so”.

“This contingency plan implies the opening of four guard corps in different People’s Councils: America Two, with schedules that will increase from 8 to 24 hours; America One and the town of Baire; all with the task of diagnosing the characteristics of respiratory diseases that occur. This stage of the year is propitious for this type of diseases to appear due to changes in temperature, which is why maximum attention should be paid”.

Q: What measures are taken during this phase of the epidemic in Cuba?
A: “The measures will already be more extreme. We cannot flirt with the danger posed by the epidemic. Although the cases the country has are imported, we must sustain the measures of increasing the number of cases internally. These border closure restrictions will undoubtedly be a hard blow to the Cuban economy, which depends heavily on imports, but the most important thing is health”.

“Even these days there are many people in the streets. That is why it has been decided to implement a daily radio hour giving all the necessary information to face the epidemic, with an open telephone to receive the opinions, doubts, questions and proposals of the population. During this time, health specialists and government officials themselves will clarify the policies being implemented in relation to the epidemic”.

Q: Any special measures by sector?

A: “Certainly. We especially need to make immediate decisions with the sales of basic necessities through the stores. If necessary, the most demanded products, such as personal hygiene products, will be taken to the workplaces to be sold to those people who cannot leave work to buy them. In addition, to avoid the agglomeration of the people who are desperate for this type of sales. In this sense, neither the retired nor the assisted will be left without a home. Another formula is being sought for them. We will work to deconcentrate the sales of crackers and frozen chicken”.

Q: Are there any particular measures related to the general discipline of the people and hygiene?

A: “We will go to combat the manifestations of non-compliance of those who have hygiene instructions such as those linked to the sale of bread and those people who do not demand or do not comply with the requirement of disinfecting their podalic wash that have been located in the workplaces and assistance centers. In this sense, all those who are irresponsible will be fined”.

“We have to influence from the government so that our people go out less to the streets. An example is what is happening in Europe, where the streets are totally empty because people are protecting themselves at home”.

“In the case of Contramaestre especially, where we have one of the oldest populations in Cuba, we must put the accent on taking care that not a single person gets sick, since they are precisely one of the groups vulnerable to the COVID-19 disease”.

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