Contramaestre has the Web site to access the local government

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Contramaestre implements e-government, as one of the most important elements of the process of computerization of society, with technical assistance from Desoft Territorial Centre for Computer Services, whose head is Nidia Molina Bernal, who provides comprehensive information on the subject.

“In response to the call of Cuban President Diaz-Canel, Contramaestre now has the Cuban Citizen’s Portal, which allows the people to get closer to the management of the local government. It constitutes a management tool, the dissemination, and the systematic updating of information on all aspects of the social, cultural and economic life of the municipality.”

The computer engineer, Lenier Igarza del Toro, in charge of the project of the Citizen’s Portal in Contramaestre states that it is an achievement that the inhabitants of this territory have the possibility to send their complaints, suggestions, criticisms, disconformities to the local government itself, which will have to respond to these concerns”.

In this way, the government-village link that is to prevail in Cuban society is perfected. Citizen opinion counts in governing. This is an achievement of the work sustained by the Cuban Telecommunications Company (Etecsa), aimed at creating the telecommunications infrastructure, which includes the computerization of Cuban society.

Igarza del Toro explains that citizens will be able to access the Portal in different ways: through a computer, a tablet, a cell phone, because all possible platforms were created to expand access from any available medium suitable for digital navigation.

In a general sense, Cuba has reached the stage of massive use of Internet services by having applications such as Transfermovil, EnZona, Donde Hay, Tuenvio, D’Ritmo, HabanaTrans, Apklis, Picta, Todus and many others, which speak of the strength of the country’s computer, telecommunications and automation experts, who have developed these tools and which constitute an essential base element for the development of these services and which, in addition, favor the preservation of the nation’s culture and values.

Written by Jorge Lora

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