A girl in Contramaestre with initiatives in the midst of social isolation

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Contramaestre, 15 May – Children are probably the ones who have felt the severity imposed by the necessary social isolation in the face of the new coronavirus.In the municipality of Contramaestre in the province of Santiago de Cuba, a small girl shows us her initiatives in the midst of the current epidemiological situation and she does so with astonishing naturalness.

Her name is Esther María Clavijo Díaz and at only 10 years of age she has managed to understand very well the moment she is living, even if it has made her turn her life around. Her routine has changed completely due to the social distancing imposed by the coronavirus pandemic. This has awakened his creativity to cope with this difficult time.

Estercita, as her relatives call her, has found a way to stay active through painting, games, television, as well as a dynamic and constant communication through the telephone and the letters that she writes day by day to those from whom she is separated by physical distance.

Among the special moments of her daily life are the press conference given by Dr. Francisco Durán (National Director of Epidemiology in Cuba), the teleclasses and the applause for the health personnel at nine o’clock at night. She tells me that she is convinced that she will study medicine just like her mother.

Like any Cuban child, Ester María misses the encounter with her classmates and friends, but this stage has not been a problem for her. Now her home and her family fill in all the spaces possible. Thus, she offers a powerful conviction from her earliest childhood: I am convinced that together we can overcome the Covid-19 to return to our normal life, to school, together with our classmates… and that learning will return to our lives.

(Taken from teleturquino)

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