Public Health vitality guaranteed by the 2020 budget

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In Contramaestre, the 2020 budget guarantees the vitality of the Cuban Public Health system, whose current expenditure for the stage is expected to be 68.8 million pesos.

Knowing that this year’s fiscal year entails the rational use of resources and strict control of expenditures, the social sphere will continue to be validated as one of the main conquests of the Revolution.

In this 2020 the figure of current expenditure for this sector, over 68 million pesos, guarantees support for the policy of increasing the quality of medical and hygienic health care; as well as the wage remuneration of all its workers called to a higher degree of efficiency and management in services to the people.

Likewise, the budget of the stage has to support the salary increase and the security in the levels of activity in the primary health care with emphasis in the confrontation to the arbovirosis and contingency diseases.

The anti-vector campaign and the attention to consultations and patients are included within the activities financed in the Public Health sector by the budget in the current fiscal year.


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