Olga Alonso and her vocation to teach art

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Olga Alonso stands out in the history of Cuban culture as a paradigm, because of the prestige she cultivated with her works. She was born on February 18, 1945 in the humble home from San Miguel del Padrón in Havana. Her mother assures that since she was a child, Olga Alonso González had a well defined vocation, the love for theater.

She found an opportunity to enter that wonderful world professionally after January 1st, when the Triumphant Revolutionary Government opened the doors of the National School of Art Instructors to receive talented young people regardless of their economic status. So after two years of study she became the first student of the school and she was placed in the Granja Mártires de Fomento in the province of Las Villa.

Olga Alonso did not hesitate to leave her Havana home to answer Fidel’s and the intellectuals’ call at that time and go teach art in the places where the Cuban farmers lived. She came to the farms and cooperatives of Villa Clara province with the spirit of teaching, but also to learn and grow as a human being.

As a result of her creativity, amateur groups such as Vladimir Maiakovski, Folklore, Chaplin, Ismaelillos and Pantomimas were created, where she inserted children and adults.

Another of her passions was literature. Because of her knowledge she was able to participate in campaigns of good speech in the fields and to teach those interested in knowing how to read and write. Although her work seems to have lived for many years, destiny wanted to turn her into a martyr at the age of 19; however, there is no denying that she lived intensely.

On March 4, 1964, while she was on her way to give classes to residents in the mountains, the vehicle in which she was traveling overturned and she died instantly.

Olga Alonso died while carrying out her duty. She left her imprint on the rural communities where she went around transmitting love for art; she became an inspiration for thousands of art instructors who give their souls to what they do. Those who commemorate his day every February 18, precisely to pay homage to her.

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