Cuba’s largest grain processing plant in Contramaestre

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The largest grain processing plant in Cuba is currently being completed. It is located in Contramaestre, a municipality in the province of Santiago de Cuba, in the east of the country.

The young civil engineer Yurisel Echavarría Carmenati, comments on the importance of this center for the town, because in addition to processing grains for human consumption, it generates employment for men and women, stimulates production in both the state and private sectors, and substitutes imports, which is an important contribution to the national economy.

The young man dedicates his working day to the progress of the assembly of this industry, aware of the importance of completing it on the scheduled date, probably at the end of September. The maize and beans from Guantánamo and Santiago de Cuba provinces will be processed there.

For Echavarría Carmenati, there is no greater effort than to successfully complete what will be the largest grain processing plant in the country; a responsibility he is proud of, as it shows that there is no task he cannot undertake.

The goal is to guarantee the people’ s food supply and replace imports as part of the call from the island’s government.

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