Coffee Growers in Contramaestre Prepare 2019 Harvest

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The coffee growers in Contramaestre municipality, an eastern territory of Cuba with 1,781 hectares dedicated to this plantation, are organizing the 2019 harvest. This period is scheduled for August with the harvesting of the first grains of the Arábica variety.

Marlenis Castellanos Guerra, manager of the coffee processing company Rolando Ayud in this territory, said that producers of this agricultural branch should harvest 413 tons, a figure higher than that achieved in 2018.

The Agronomist also said that the four camps are ready for the mobilized force if needed, as well as the two industries for the benefit of the wet grain.

The final touches are already being given to the repair and maintenance of the coffee dryers, a fundamental area to achieve high quality in the drying of this raw material.

The coffee processing company Rolando Ayud in Contramaestre is supplied by ten state production bases and two by the private sector.

The coffee processing company Rolando Ayud de Contramaestre was the only one of its kind in the eastern region of Cuba that participated in the Expocaribe 2019 Fair in Santiago de Cuba, in which several Caribbean countries participated, and it was awarded five prizes.


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