An agricultural cooperative in Baire contribute to the sugar cane harvest

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The Basic Unit of Cooperative Production (UBPC), located in Baire, Contramaestre, maintains a sustained work during the 2019-2020 sugar harvest.

This entity, which has successfully managed to diversify its production, has been affected in its income by the ups and downs derived from the unstable milling of the Dos Rios plant that processes the raw material it produces.

Also affecting the negative results of the present harvest are the insufficient supplies of fuel, due to the negative situation that the US blockade implies for those who supply the island of Cuba with crude oil.

However, the spirit of this sugarcane industry does not weaken in its purpose of contributing to the national economy. In a recent visit by comrade Eudis Manuel Yejas Fernández, a member of the Provincial Bureau of the Communist Party of Cuba in Santiago de Cuba, it became clear that the UBPC 24 de Febrero is still in combat.

The workers of this unit, gathered in assembly, ratified their willingness to increase crop diversification to meet the food needs of the population, to increase surveillance measures to avoid unplanned sugarcane burning, and to cultivate every last bit of land to increase the cane yield per hectare.

For his part, the party leader urged those present to continue working on the following aspects: “It is up to us to continue diversifying vegetable production, in the midst of a situation in which even a tomato consumed by tourism has to be acquired on foreign markets (…) The analysis we have to make in scenarios like these is to ask the board of directors what we are going to do to increase sugarcane yields (…)

In the course of the analysis, the leader himself added: “To the extent that yields rise and we have more sugarcane, it is more salary, more working capital, and more guarantees of development. I remember how we brought here, to this structure, all the heads of UBPC sugarcane companies in the country, so that they could take experiences (…) This example must be maintained without losing the main state responsibility (…)

(Taken from ACN)

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